Painting Frankie’s room with homemade milk paint!

Mixing the paint.

Well, I wish I could say my lack of posting means we have been just way too productive to even post, but sadly, that is not the case. A lot has happened since our last post; we moved to the country, did many renovations on our stinky fixer upper which took much longer than anticipated, ended up with a gorgeous new bathroom, got pregnant, cooked and made lots of yummy food, worked and gardened and started school and soccer season and are now eagerly planning some new ventures involving food and farming and sustainability.

Whew! I’m tired already! A couple highlights from our summer and early fall…

For Frankie it was a summer of tractors..

This summer despite the wet weather we had some gardening successes, and failures. Our early green beans did poorly but luckily we planted a second batch which made the yummiest, largest fall green beans I have ever had! We also had a bumper crop of summer tomatoes, which we canned on their own and in salsa along with some home grown tomatillos (also a surprising success). One major disappointment was our lack of good cucumbers and the poor performance of our winter squash, I’m not sure if the dampness got to them or the lack of sun…but we do have some fall/winter kale growing valiantly in a cold frame! We have plans to turn our former workshop into an indoor gardening space, our hope was to install a large greenhouse window but lacking the funds for that we will be using indoor lights this winter, we’ll keep you posted on how that goes. We are blessed with a plethora of south facing windows, so natural sunlight is thankfully available to us all year.

We had a lovely summer birthday fire surrounded by zinnias…

Now as summer has wound its way into fall we are spending our time gathering and splitting wood, planning winter crating and Christmas projects and looking forward to next spring when our many plans begin to actually take form. On the agenda for the farm; pigs, chickens, and expanded gardens. I recently read an article in Mother Earth News about planning a garden around what your family eats, which seems simultaneously practical and inspiring (think of all that tasty food!). We also have a baby due in May and a surprise venture coming in the spring that you will just have to wait for! Keep checking back! This blog will be much more current and filled with recipes and ideas! Like the one for this Southwestern Chicken Soup we just made…warm and cozy like chicken soup should be, but with some unexpected and zingy flavors of lime and cilantro.

Take a look at our tomatoes!!!

Southwestern Chicken Soup ~ recipe soon!