There are moments in life when one suspects that their hypothesis or intuition might in fact be correct. The unfortunate nature of said events is that they usually aren’t things you want to be true, like when you have a toothache and you SUSPECT it might be a cavity that requires hours of drilling and white-knuckled dental chair gripping (okay, that might just be me). Such things happened to me this week as I embarked upon my New Years intentions with vigor, and found many things to be true that might have been easier had they proven false.

Somewhere in there is a zen koan, though better versed.

Exhibit A

This is me!

Ok, ok, it isn’t exactly me, but I was close! This week I embarked upon the Alicia Silverstone touted 21 Day Vegan Challenge (also sponsored or encouraged or organized by Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine). To be honest it isn’t truly that much of a challenge as you have Alicia Silverstone leaving you encouraging voice messages, full meal plans and recipes and clever and engaging videos.

I used to be vegan, then I got pregnant and wanted steak tips so I stopped. Since then I have had the sneaking suspicion a plant-based diet might be the way to go but then I am inexplicably drawn back to loll in some bacon and console myself with the notion that at least its local bacon. Now, I don’t have a problem with meat, but could I honestly slaughter a pig myself and eat it?

Probably not.

And here’s the other thing, I feel f**king amazing on this diet. I consume fewer calories yet have boundless energy and enthusiasm and an obnoxiously clear state of mind. And I powered through my workout tonight like a rock star and enjoyed it thoroughly without any hint of wanting to kill someone (okay, but I didn’t do any hip openers).

So I am going to keep trying it, knowing full well I will feel great and maybe someday I will fully adopt it without launching into self-cathartic rites that involve scarfing entire bags of peanut butter cups (but that hasn’t happened in a awhile so maybe I am gaining!).

If it makes you feel better I am drinking wine as I write this post (see! not perfect Wendy!)

Exhibit Two


*sigh* …I can’t even berate yoga because it’s so goddamn good. I mean, I sincerely cannot believe how much my life and my body has changed since I stepped on my yoga mat and committed to the discipline of it. Every day, without fail, I get on that mat. And for the first time since I was dressing up like a disco hoochie in college I feel empowered and beautiful. Right now, in this moment, not at the thing I might become but at what I am. I had to reconcile the work of it though, I wanted it to be fun and perfect all the time and nothing is, that just isn’t life.

I am getting yoga arms though, I tried to take a picture but it was too challenging to photograph my own bicep.

I will say this, it takes a good teacher and I am lucky that I have an amazing one. Not only does she push me, she inspires me and not in a cheesy and unattainable way either. She is real and transparent and open and generous and that makes her all the more oerfect…in her own way. Here she is, if you live anywhere near her, GO TO HER CLASS, you will be transformed.

Okay, I am tired now, more later…but make the carrot and red pepper soup from that PCRM website…so good!