As this old year draws to a close I have had many a discussion regarding the usefulness of New Years Resolutions. It seems most people I talk to have made them at one time or another, very few have stuck to them, and most of the time they seem to serve only as some guilt inducing reminder that you aren’t doing or bring what you want to be doing or being. I myself have made resolutions in the past, and this is what they tended to be:

  • lose ten pounds
  • win the lottery
  • lose twenty pounds
  • run a marathon
  • win the lottery
  • lose ten pounds

What occurred to me recently is not only are these “resolutions” asinine and boring, they really aren’t resolutions, they are just things that I want. What a waste of a resolution, none of these things will make me a better person or will change the world or my sense of being, nor will they even advance my wellness..losing ten pounds does not necessarily mean you are healthier.

Today was a beautiful day, the sun was out and the temperature was downright balmy after the cold snap and ensuing blizzard we all weathered immediatly following the Christmas holiday. Izzie and I were out in the snow, rolling giant snowballs, making snow-women with lopsided snow-breasts, shoveling the driveway, chatting with the neighbors, when it occurred to me that this was my intention for the New Year; to have more moments just like that. What if we all did that? What if we stopped the mad rushing of our brains and our bodies and savored those moments until they extended into an entire intentioned life?

So here are my intentions, some more structured than others, and in order of importance:

  • be fearless

You can keep looking for more of them, you won’t find any. The thing is…I had a much longer list and it involved things like doing a vegan challenge, practicing yoga every day, being conscious of my words and actions, scheduling regular time to write, and doing things not out of obligation but out of love. Then I looked at that list and realized that the root of all of those intentions, the thing holding me back from all of them? It’s me. It’s my own fear, my own restriction, my own JUNK getting in the way of my happy well intentioned life.

So my intention for 2011 is to be fearless, to drop it all and just see what happens, and what it looks like on the other side.