Well, an apology is certainly in order.

I am well aware that I disappeared suddenly off the blog map, leaving my relatively successful blog flapping in the wind like a deflated balloon…poor little blog. And while there is a small part of me that wants to make up some fantastic story about being carried off by Martian sharks and fighting my way back to earth I realize that would sound not only implausible but desperate.

The truth is that I freaked out.

I freaked out because as I gained more readers and more attention I felt obligated to post more, take more pictures, succeed immediately at my wellness journey. And of course I couldn’t because I work 40+ hours a week and I have school, and suddenly my schoolwork and work work began to ramp up and I felt totally overwhelmed and muddled. I got severe writer’s block, I was sweaty and stressed and it all felt like too much WORK. It’s unfortunate because honestly THIS is what I wish I was making money doing. And maybe someday it will but I wanted it to happen NOW, and it wasn’t, and i was impatient.

I didn’t intend to totally stop blogging, but after about a week I felt guilty. I logged onto foodbuzz and saw the hundreds of posts and immediately retreated. Then I did what I often do when faced with a conflict whose resolution is unclear, I just pretended it wasn’t there. No blog, no worrying about the blog!

That worked until people started asking me what happened and I had no really good explanation. So after some thought, I decided to come back for one reason; I love to write. This blog was supposed to be about my own wellness journey, my family’s wellness journey and it just sort of morphed until I felt I had to post within certain guidelines, post every day, or choose my topic according to what’s popular. So I am taking it back to its roots, it’s my wellness blog; about me and for me and if others want to read it then great!

Plus I feel really guilty that Wendy bought a giant bag of chia seeds based on my post and then I just up and left. That s**t is expensive.

Ironically I am doing really well, I managed the stress of the holiday season without becoming a crazed and maniacal sugar addict. I have read some amazing books on nutrition and am in the process of reading and learning more. I have cooked a lot of good food and eaten even more good food. Perhaps best of all I have come into a very serious daily yoga practice which is doing wonders for my mental as well as my physical health.

So thanks for putting up with my relative inertia, I do apologize and hope all of you are well.