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Cinnamon buns!


This weekend was so packed with pumpkins and food and spookiness I don’t even know where to begin! I will admit I am getting a wee bit nervous because I start grad school back up tomorrow after three months off (it’s been a nice break!). You all know I wax poetic about wanting a simpler, more unhurried life..I don’t seem to be heading in that direction. However…I need more doors to be opened to me so I can escape from the mindless hamster wheel to a more mindful and joyful existance.

That was my deep thought. On to the food! While I may not have been posting much, I certainly was cooking and eating! I think I will break this post up into days..that will make it easier!


Friday I once again forced my poor, dedicated staff to come in early, so I thought it only fair that I make them cinnamon buns. Unfortunately I used half whole wheat and half GF flour and the result was not so good. While the flavor of the filling was good the rolls were way too dense and had that faint aftertaste that comes from using garbanzo bean flour. I generally try to avoid using this flour anyway because I find it to be too heavy and I don’t like the taste but I used a pre-mixed blend from Bob’s Red Mill not realizing it had that flour in it.

*sigh* oh well. People still ate them but I am not posting the recipe on here because it needs significant tweaking.

I left work early to attend the lovely Orchard School Halloween celebration. It’s just about the cutest thing in the entire world, the teachers are so amazing and they tell great stories and sing great songs, it’s such a wonderful place for my daughter to be. The kids get to trick or treat around the school grounds and across the street to the bakery and farm and they get so into it, it’s adorable watching this scraggly little band of kids and their parents parading around the woods and roads.


The whole school crew!

Red Riding Hood leads the kids to adventure!

Trick or Treat!

Beautiful ballerina



Saturday the big plan involved stacking the enormous amount of wood we currently have dumped in our yard. I should have taken before and after pictures because I FEEL like we stacked enough wood to fill three barns, but the pile is still there! I decided to make some gluten free donuts to fuel Izzie (she is a great little wood stacker) and because she was seeing her Auntie Em who is also gluten free (and a reader of this blog; Hi Auntie Em!). These donuts were also part of a Daring Baker’s October challenge and I just got them in under the wire..phew! I am continuing to have issues with the rise on my gluten free baked goods and I don’t get it. I do think the baking powder was an issue because it was expired or old or whatever, but I used fresh baking powder this time.

Hmmmm…it’s very frustrating, this rising issue, anybody else have issues with GF baked goods?

However, they were donuts, they were delicious anyway, even without the rise I wanted them to have. Rolled in cinnamon sugar, a little crispy on the outside and that delicious chewy softness inside…yum! I loved the little donut holes most of all because they were so small it was the perfect little bite..a great proportion of donut to sugar. The recipe is here and was followed to the letter as requested by the Daring Bakers.


Gluten Free Donuts!


Saturday evening was the Town of Acworth’s Halloween Costume Party. This little town is just the biggest hoot. Izzie’s teacher lives in Acworth and told us about the festivities, we couldn’t believe someone had a party in their barn that everyone was invited to, regardless of if you knew the hosts. We went to the party dressed as a cow and her milkmaid, I was hoping someone would send me pictures but I haven’t seen any yet. So we went, we knew nobody, but by the end of the night we knew EVERYBODY and had a grand old time dancing to the band and meeting all our neighbors. Although..they were all in costume so I am not sure how we will know who they are in everyday life…(“Pardon me, do I know you? Were you a monkey for Halloween?”).


Sunday we had a mellow day, Iz and I went to my mother’s house and had a delicious squash and sweet potato soup. She played and read books with her Mimi while I happily sipped coffee and devoured Saveur and all her other foodie magazines. We then went for a nice fall walk down to the pond, Iz piked up many woodland “treasures”, filling my pockets with birch bark and lichen, tiny acorns and wintergreen berries. Later in the afternoon we headed over to see friends, parents of Izzie’s friends Seamus and Josie. We had a yummy potluck meal (lentil soup, wild rice with raisins and almonds and root veggies with sausage) that fueled us for the VERY COLD trick or treating ahead. Thankfully we gathered a posse along the way of more friends, and the kids rushed from house to house cackling with joy, seemingly oblivious to the near arctic temperatures. Now we are home and the flames are bright in the woodstove, everything is cozy and sleepy and warm and I am headed off for some much needed sleep.

How was your weekend?