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Izzie with Kohlrabi



I got tagged, I got tagged! I finally feel like I am no longer that kid who didn’t get picked for kickball…okay that’s a bit dramatic but I love reading Gina‘s blog and I feel so honored that she gave me an award and tagged me. As you know I am a BIG fan of talking about myself and so I am more than happy to answer these questions.

1)  If you could turn back time, who would you spend it with and what would you eat with them?

This is an easy one for me, and also an emotional one. I know I could say any famous chef or pick some huge significant meal in my life, but it’s quite simple. I would turn back time and cook with my grandmother, my father’s mother. We actually never cooked much together, but she was a phenomenal cook. We would make baked beans, she made THE BEST baked beans…slow cooked with salt pork and molasses in her old brown bean pot.
2)  Do you cook for others, or just the sheer pleasure of it, which would you prefer?

Both. I love cooking for others because I am a caretaker by nature and cooking for others is an easy way for me to show my love and affection for others without..well..having to get too close. I also find cooking incredibly calming and meditative, especially the more meticulous qualities of it; chopping, dicing, kneading bread, making soup and watching it all come together, standing over the stove patiently stirring risotto..I love it all
3)  What item do you consider a must have in the kitchen?

Garlic and good salt. I use the salt in everything, it’s a fancy Himalayan pink salt that brings out the flavors of both savory and sweet perfectly. Garlic is just good. I love it roasted, raw, chopped, smashed, in potatoes and eggs and martini’s. Bring on the garlic.
4)  If I told you your secret ingredients in your chopped basket were tomatoes, pears, & anchovies, what would you make?

I would make a tart with a simple tomato sauce simmered with the anchovies and slices of roasted pear and a hard cheese on top.

5)  Have you even traveled a long distance, just to go eat?

Oh yes! Thank goodness I have a foodie spouse..in fact, probably most of our longer trips are simply for a certain cup of coffee, or a delicious charcuterie plate, or an out-of-this-world salad. And I would travel back to India simply to eat Indian food there, it’s amazing, the spices are so different and so fragrant and you can’t even tell half the time what you are eating but it’s so good.
6)  If you had all day in the kitchen, what would you make?

Croissants because the end result is so satisfying and i feel so proud when they come out well. And baked beans..slow simmered. And braised ribs. And samosa’s and momo’s…the list goes on and on. I love things that take me all day to cook.
7)  What is your favorite part of blogging?

The community. I am actually really astonished by how friendly and sweet people are. It’s why I keep blogging, it feels like the world is smaller and nicer and I like that.
8)  Are there blogging skills you are working on?

Photography! I have a crappy camera and it’s making blogging difficult for me because I like taking macro pictures and process pictures but they just aren’t coming out well.


That was so much fun! Okay, now I want to do it too! I am tagging;

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Okay, so here are my questions;

  1. What is your “kryptonite”? Do you have a recipe or ingredient that reduces you to tears every time you try to use it? What is it?
  2. What is your favorite time of day to blog? What is your least favorite time of day to blog?
  3. What was your most memorable meal and why?
  4. What do you hope to gain through blogging? What is your ultimate blogging goal or do you have one?
  5. Imagine you have unlimited foodie funds..what is the first thing you buy? Is it an ingredient? A kitchen implement?

I can’t wait to see all your responses!