Today is our last day in Colorado, and while I apologize for the lack of posting our frenetic pace is certainly at least somewhat to blame. We went to the zoo, we climbed around in Rocky Mountain National Park, we visited with friends and attended the wonderful wedding of two friends who are truly soulmates. Last night was our last night here and so we decided on a visit to Watercourse Foods, which was highly recommended by several friends. Believe it or not this was our first trip out to dinner the whole trip! We have done a pretty good job with the food budget, though I’ll admit the rest of the budget is a bit shot ūüôā
Watercourse foods is located in downtown Denver, and was founded on the motto ; Eat The Path of Least Resistance.
It was started as a small lunch and dinner¬†restaurant¬†and over the years has added dinner, selections of beer and wine, and an amazing bakery. It’s menu is 100% vegetarian and they are extremely committed to reducing their footprint; they recycle their¬†oil¬†into bio-diesel, support local and¬†international¬†non-profits, conserve water and use recycled and biodegradable products whenever possible. We were super excited to got there because Izzie actually has¬†some¬†choices from the menu rather than being limited to the one thing that is gluten-free.
Watercourse has beautiful decor, it manages to be modern and artsy and still have that rustic and sustainable feel. A local artist created the theme throughout the restaurant, which is ¬†reminiscent of the art in old picture books like Watership Down¬†(and indeed there is a bit of a rabbit theme as well). The booths are wide and spacious and while the floor plan is open the restaurant isn’t too loud (thankfully).
They had many interesting starters, including an interesting create your own cheese plate (vegan and regular), seitan buffalo wings, green chile soup, and a wide selection of beers and wines, each¬†with¬†great descriptors and carefully hand-picked. We weren’t too hungry and the altitude has been messing¬†with¬†my ability to consume wine ūüė¶ so I stuck with a lovely cup of peppermint tea. It came in a carafe, which I love because I never seem to get enough tea.
For our entrees Izzie got the taco plate and I side of steamed kale. I got the three sister’s salad; ”¬†A blend of mixed greens and romaine lettuce with grilled zucchini, fire roasted corn off the cob, black beans chopped with chili and lime roasted pepitas, and peanuts. Served with chipotle ranch.”
Jaime got “The Champ”; ”¬†Freshly baked foccacia bread with layers of roasted beets, red onions, grilled zucchini, sprouts, swiss cheese, and lemon caper aioli.”
All of these¬†were¬†delicious, I¬†don’t¬†think I have ever seen Izzie consume a meal so quickly, she loved her little taco and I was thankful she was finally getting some greens! My salad was lovely, it had quite a bit of spice which was cut nicely by the buttermilk ranch and the fire roasted corn. Jaime’s sandwich had airy foccacia and sweet roasted beets, served with a side of broccoli. Altogether a very filling and satisfying healthy meal.
Oh! I almost forgot dessert, which Izzie and I shared and which I was so excited to eat I forgot to take a picture! A RASPBERRY VEGAN MILSHAKE!
Need i say more? It came lie a traditional milkshake, with the glass and the metal tumbler filled with creamy, cold goodness. I dare say this milkshake was the best I have ever had, I don’t now what was in it but it was the perfect balance of tart raspberry and sweetness, I think there might have been some coconut milk or coconut ice cream in there. There were also chunks of real raspberries! Yum! Izzie and I devoured it, rolling out of there with our bellies FULL. A great way to wrap up our vacation, I must admit I am not eager to get back to the grind but at least I have fond memories of this vacation.