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First of all I must say there is a huge difference in the agonizingly slow home connection we have and the blazing fast internet speed here at the airport hotel. Therefore I feel I must take full advantage of said internet speed and will be posting video montages and streaming live feeds of me sitting at this desk in the Holiday Inn Express.

Just kidding.

In the morning we depart for my dearest friends wedding in Colorado and in honor of this wedding and it’s accompanying postage stamp sized bridesmaid dress, I have embarked on a bit of a raw cleanse. Part of this is also because I have recently developed some troubling neurological symptoms that involve swooning like some ridiculous Medieval princess with a corset that is much too tight. It’s a bit alarming but slightly amusing as I appear slightly drunk at times, listing to the side like some capsizing boat. Thank goodness being a nurse I have pulled the VIP card and have been subjected to a number of specialists listening to my heart, asking me to stick out my tongue…and when I return I will begin a parade of various tests in which they strap me to a table and spin me around and attach my head to some wires.

But I digress..the cleanse.

Now, I haven’t been very good about cleansing in the past but this time I seem to be more devoted to it (it has only been 12 hours though). I have been reading Adina Niemerow’s book Super Cleanse, which I find very user friendly. It runs the gamut from small 1 day cleanses to raw food cleanses to warming cleanses..and it has a nice section on making your own household cleaners as well.

This morning for breakfast I had two cups of hot water with lemon and ginger and then this;

Green Beet Juice

I do not have a juicer so I used a blender and then strained the pulp through a surgical lap. I highly recommend these “laps” for kitchen purposes as they are way better than cheesecloth and hold up better. If you have access to someone employed in an OR arrange a barter fast! Just don’t ask for used ones because they are used to mop up blood and stuff in body cavities…but I swear they are good for so many other things; straining soup, washing windows…

Straining the pulp.

This juice had: 1 beet, 6 chard leaves, 1 inch hunk o’ginger, 1 tsp lemon juice and a pinch Himalayan salt.

Look, put it in a wine glass and it even looks like red wine!

No hiding the evidence!

My day was a true scurry of activity but I did find time to make applesauce and this delicious gluten free granola for the plane ride, adapted slightly from this recipe at gluten-free girl (I used almonds and walnuts instead and orange juice).

For dinner I had a lovely green gazpacho, raw and made in a blender; 6 cherry tomatoes, 1 cup baby spinach, 1 Tbsp chopped red onion, cilantro, basil, Himalayan salt, red pepper flakes, juice of half a lemon.

It was delicious cold though it needed some avocado I think, which I did not have. Surprisingly although I did not eat much today I am not hungry at all…hmmm…either it’s the juice or my nerves..I don’t fly well.

Wish us happy travels! Our next post will be from CO!