Our new morning view.

The house closing was today, we are officially no longer homeowners! I don’t know if that is something most people celebrate, but I certainly am celebrating! Our new house remains a bit unfinished, but the loveliness of being out in the country is worth the wait. One of Izzie’s teachers dropped by with some peanut butter cookies to welcome us, and we have just been invited to an unofficial brewfest of sorts with our neightbors! Village living is good!

Recently I have been sharing with all of you my struggles to stay healthy with so much going on. Amazingly with this move my urge to eat junk has evaporated; partially because my stress level has decreased dramatically and partially because I seem to be suffering from symptoms of a peptic ulcer 😦 . While I haven’t had much of an appetite as of late I have been focusing on good nutrition and have started adding some Kyolic Green to water or juice a couple times a day, or in my smoothies. I think it’s making a big difference in my energy, plus I am staying better hydrated and have been squeezing in some brief exercise whenever I can. I have been craving fresh foods, like these lovely green beans sprinkled with goat cheese;

I am still in the process of actually FINDING all my pots and pans, but I can’t wait to get back to some real cooking and have oodles of ideas to share with you. In the meantime here are some of my favorite posts of late;

Squirrel Bakes baked apple cider donuts

Healthy Delicious butternut has with baked eggs

Foodalution’s homemade butterscotch and caramel sauces

Eat, Live, Run’s rooibos quinoa with blueberries and coconut

Oh She Glows powerhouse glo-nola

In two days I will have internet at the house!!! Yay! For now here are some scenes from our new home, please excuse the boxes!

Good Morning!

There's a house among all those boxes!

Greenhouse Nook

Miss Sassy Pants