Let the apple-binge begin!

This weekend we ushered in the fall with a delicious and lovely family weekend. One of my personal autumn rituals is to go apple picking as much is as humanly possible and to consume as many apples in as many varieties as I can until I collapse, slightly fermented, like a human version of a bottle of cider. I think I have a special “apple belly” that activates itself only in the fall, I am like a cow with many stomachs, the apples fill my body and I just keep cavorting through the orchard, crunching apples and wearing sweaters and all those other lovely fall things. I should have been a spokesperson for fall.

Oh the apple, could anything be more tempting and perfect? I am not talking the apple in the supermarket..I mean THIS apple, caressed by a brisk breeze, peeking out from underneath gnarled branches and crisp, shiny leaves. I can understand how Eve was tempted by the apple, I mean, who could resist? They beckon from low branches, blushing and fragrant, all within reach and each one more perfect than the next. Clustered like grapes or singular, silhouetted against a perfect blue sky…yes, the apple is IT for me.

There are more apples up there..

Only the apple could inspire me to post these freakish pictures of me cramming every apple imaginable into my mouth..

Hmmm..was this one better than the last 20?

My favorite apple of all is the Honey Crisp, which happen to be in season RIGHT NOW. If you haven’t had one then you must get yourself to an apple orchard immediately. They are amazing, huge and crisp and sweet, but not too sweet, just the right amount of tartness. But don’t you dare use them in a pie, these babies deserve individual attention. I also enjoy the Gravenstein and the Gala apples, as well as the later varieties of heirloom apples; the Black Oxford is a favorite, also the Ananas Reinette with it’s strangely citrus flavor.

Who am I kidding, I can never leave New England.

Some apples I didn't eat.

The orchard we went to today was not one we have been to before, we happened upon it during a family amble which began because we woke up this morning to no water and our street being invaded by the city water trucks..we hightailed it out of there fast before we got trapped.

Green Mountain Orchards is in Putney, Vermont..a lovely little quirky hamlet with such varietal attractions as the bizarre Santa’s Land and the cult favorite the Putney Diner..not to mention the thoroughly awesome Putney Co-op. Green Mountain Orchards has been around since 1914 and they not only have amazing orchards and blueberries, plums and other fruit, but a great little shop and a collection of old cars on display (seems like an odd combination but it actually works).

It was the perfect family day, we all lolled about in the grass and had a picnic and took our time meandering among the trees and picking blueberries and apples.

They had blueberries too! But these were not apples so I didn't care.

This horse liked apples too!

Where are the apples? I need more apples!

I found them!

This barn was cool, but there were no apples in it.

Look, my nails are even "Candy Apple Red"!

By the way, if you like these pictures stroll on over to my wife’s website, she is quite talented and I get her for free!

Do you like apples? What is your favorite fall memory?