My four year old daughter loves those “Fancy Nancy” books (in fact she might actually BE Fancy Nancy) and for those of you that know the books, you know that she LOVES fancy parfaits. Now in the books these parfaits are made with ice cream, choclate sauce and whipped cream,  which sound lovely but is not really suitable for everyday.

In our household we are fans of the “Everyday Parfait” which includes glorious combinations of various healthy items layered beautifully and served in a beautiful glass so you can marvel at the layers as you eat them. Some benefits to everyday parfaits are;

  • automatic portion control (you can’t fit all that much food into a small, pretty glass)
  • variety (you can mix these up and do hundreds of combinations, it’s never boring!)
  • nutritional density (because I follow certain general guidelines these have balanced amounts of protein, fiber, fat and vitamins)

Here’s how we make parfait’s in our house;

We start with a dry base, that helps soak up any liquid from the stuff on top and makes the last bites divinely saturated with flavor. Then we generally add liquid ingredients, then fruit, then more dry ingredients. One more layer of the liquid and then we add the toppings. You can also keep it to one layer of dry and liquid ingredients as well. Don’t just stick to the norm either, get creative!

Dry Ingredients

muesli, crumbled pancakes, crumbled cookies, oats, granola, dry cereal.

Crumbled pancake

Liquid Ingredients

Yogurt, banana soft serve (recipe below), applesauce, other fruit sauces, ricotta cheese mixed with cocoa and agave, nut butters, coconut butter, cooked quinoa.

Banana soft serve is something we make in the food processor using a banana, a little almond milk, some nut butter and some flax meal. Just whir it up and let it spin while so it’s light and fluffy. You can add some protein powder to this or the applesauce if you like to boost the protein content.


nut butters, honey, maple syrup, chopped nuts, sunflower seeds (toasted), agave, honey, coconut, dried fruit, jam.

One thing I will caution you on is to watch the nutrition and calorie content. For example, if you use cookies, applesauce, fruit, granola and honey you basically have a sugar bomb with no protein or healthy fat. So balance it out, the smoothie above has crumbled pancake, plain yogurt, strawberries, nut butter, agave, and almonds. This means the protein content ends up being around 12 grams, which is pretty good for a smallish amount of food. You can always go here to find quick nutrition data.

Okay, I am off! Busy weekend ahead, I am making cupcakes AND cookies for bdays so lots of yummy posts ahead! I leave you with some pictures of dinner last night, a bounty of steamed veggies with goat cheese and a local hard cider which put me to sleep instantly it was so strong, but good!