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Hey! Stop stealing my salad kid!

Ah New England, just when you start to think the seasons might be changing and fall nips at your heels promising apples and sweaters and frosty breath….you get walloped with 99 degree weather and 1000% humidity.


So it appears I am not done with the summer recipes yet. Tonight was so darn hot I wanted a nice cool salad so I made the above; mesclun, arugula, cute little cherry tomatoes, goat cheese, avocado, walnuts, and garlicky dragon tongue green beans with a balsamic dressing. Yum! Sneaky little kid hands kept stealing my goat cheese..

I also made a quick chicken dish because I couldn’t bear to have the oven on for more than five seconds. I heated some grapeseed oil over medium high heat (I love this oil for the high smoke point and loads of omega’s), then tossed in some chicken breasts to brown. I seasoned the chicken simply; salt, pepper, all purpose seasoning. As the chicken neared its finale I threw in some cherry tomatoes and spinach and served the breasts with a healthy smear of goat cheese on top. Izzie DEVOURED this dinner, she has become a goat cheese lover again, hurray! Poor kid, she is suffering such cheese deprivation..

I also made this; delicata squash peeled and cut into chunks and steamed, then mashed with homemade applesauce and hazelnut milk. Also totally divine, the homemade applesauce makes it!

As Hurricane Earl eyes our small coastline I am hoping the weekend brings some rain and cozy cooking. We move in two weeks, two weeks! I can’t wait…for the country and the quiet and a new kitchen and lots of natural light and inspiration.

Finally tonight I leave you with some photo’s for my upcoming guest post on glutenhatesme.com. Stay tuned for the recipes! I made a delicious gluten-free pesto tart and gluten-free apple turnovers! Oh and finally, congrats to my Mum for her recent publication!

Gluten Free Pesto Zucchini Tart

Apple Turnover Innards

Cutting the dough.

Gluten Free Mini Apple Turnovers