Can you resist this? I can't..

I wanted to ask you all a question tonight, for those of you who are following me on Project C.U.E.

How are you doing? Have you managed once and for all to take my advice to heart and rid yourself of unhealthy behavior and resist your cravings? Are you starting every morning with a smile on your face and a fruit smoothie with extra protein in your hand? Have you boosted your workouts, planned healthy meals ahead and still found ten minutes a day to meditate?

Have I?

What do YOU think? Here’s the think, I feel a bit sheepish, being all gung-ho about this project and my journey and yet…I am still having moments of failure…heck they aren’t even moments, they’re days. I myself get completely discouraged by any number of things; that I can’t get my video posts to upload, that I am so stressed all I want to do is stuff my face with comfort carbs, that I don’t see the number on the scale budge. But if I stop to think about it, what do I expect? I can’t expect results unless I try, and try some more, and fail, and try again.

This is what I ate last night; cornmeal dusted chicken, a pesto and zucchini tart and garlicky green beans. Delicious and nutritious, right? Too bad I chased it with four popsicles and a fudgesicle..

So what CAN influence us? Why do we fail again and again to be healthy? Why can’t we eat mindfully and appreciatively without gobbling our food down like crazy starved monkeys? Am I the only one who has this issue?

I know I am not, and so I got to thinking about a piece of my management training where we watched this video;

There is a book called Influencer written by a number of authors (including Joseph Grenny, father of the junior scientist above) from the organization Vital Smarts. The research done by this institute suggests exactly what we saw in this video, that without the proper sources of influence, and without a lot of them, we cannot possibly accomplish our goal to change behavior.

So I started thinking about this in the context of my struggle to maintain a healthy lifestyle and the things I struggle with. Perhaps if I identify where I am lacking influence that could help me affect lasting change?

1) Personal Motivation – I do have personal motivation, though at times it may wane or falter in the face of temptation, I don’t lose sight of my goals.

2) Personal Ability – I do have the skills and knowledge I need to succeed, I have done a lot of research and continue to do so.

3) Social Motivation – I have some of this, I have walking buddies but on the other hand I also have candy and snack buddies..

4) Social Ability – Does someone I know have the ability to give me an edge? Hmmmm, I didn’t even think about that but I absolutely do, I have a friend who actually specializes in analyzing the psychology around food addiction..why didn’t I think of that sooner?

5) Structural Motivation – I have healthy eats at home, at work I have a lot of temptation and that is a problem.

6) Structural Ability – I would say this is where I fall short, my busy life doesn’t allow me to think and plan and be mindful the way I want to be..or is that just me?

So clearly I have two issues, temptation at work and time, time, time and the ability to focus on wellness when no many other things are pulling me in other directions. This article summarized it perfectly; change is hard because it wears you out.

So what should I do? What should we do to help each other?