Mini Donuts Bakers Royale2 Mini Donuts

Who could resist these?


We all have them, in they come creeping (as Carl Sandburg said) “on little cat feet” , pouncing when you least expect it and leaving you sprawled nearly comatose in your office chair surrounded by mini Peanut Butter Cups. Uh, why no, I don’t have personal experience with that scenario..

Why do we crave what we crave? Why for example, do we so rarely crave things that are good for us?

The answer may be more physiological than we think. Recent research has exposed possible similarities between food addictions and cravings and alcoholism and drug addiction. Both may activate pleasure centers in the brain that are really, really hard to turn off. Really hard, nearly impossible it seems. The jury is out on what REALLY helps; is it moderation, avoidance, distraction…there is even a technique called EFT that claims to help curb cravings.

elAren’t these pretty..too bad they aren’t M&M’s..

When we crave we can’t control it, we can KNOW that the tomatoes are better for us than the donuts, but that doesn’t keep us from devouring six donuts, even if we know we will feel awful afterwards. Most cravings, almost all, are for junk food; sugar, salt, caffeine..all that nasty stuff you know doesn’t belong in your body but that you put there anyway.

What to do? Succumb to these cravings and overdose on cupcake frosting? Well, I have been known to do that but now I try some other techniques; I drink water, exercise, distract myself, eat something healthy…ANYTHING. I am not one for moderation as I have said before, so I can’t have just ONE.

What about you? What are you craving? How do you work with your cravings and what are your challenges?

Here I am spouting off about cravings: