Little yellow chair and Lulu.

Last night we went to the Orchard School (Izzie’s school) where they had a family concert featuring the children’s band Dog on Fleas.  The night included a simple supper of lasagna, salad, dessert and Orchard Hill Bread (which by the way is the best bread EVER and is made right across the street from Izzie’s school.

The salad was made with fresh veggies from the Orchard Hill farm; the kids participate in growing the food and harvesting and so they feel a real connection to the food. There is a great story Izzie’s teacher Ellen tells about a whole crew of 4 year olds nibbling fresh cabbage all afternoon because they were “little rabbits”.

Jaime made a lasagna for the event, she apologizes for the lack of recipe and process pictures but it was difficult to do one-handed! We did get a lot of complements on the lasagna though, which included lots of veggies including broccoli! I can vouch for her cooking, it was fresh and light, not too heavy at all for a summer night.

My plate

One of the dad’s was laughing at me for taking pictures of the lasagna.

It was a truly magical night, great music, great community, great food and wonderful friends!

Leah and Owen

Izzie and her "husband" Julian

Izzie listening to the band.

Being silly!

We tumbled into bed exhausted, full, and happy!