I don’t know if there is any dessert I like as much as I like apple pie. I am totally a chocoholic, but I like my chocolate in it’s pure form, not in cakes and cookies. So..I think apple pie is it for me, it reminds me of fall (which is my favorite season) and it’s sweet without being too rich, and the crunch of the crust with the soft apples is heaven, all those spices singing in your mouth..

Summer Heirloom Fruit

Our morning started out with an unfortunate doggie emergency which sent us racing to the vet VERY early. The positive side to this was that on the way back we stopped at Alyson’s Orchard and picked up some summer heirloom peaches, plums and pears, veggies…and THIS;

A GARGANTUAN bag of Ginger Gold seconds..only $9!!! Can you believe it!! I am so excited I need to make a pie!!

Izzie says; me too!!! I would like to note that her cupcake apron is the ONLY piece of clothing she is wearing..*sigh*, Jaime Oliver has lost his Naked Chef title to my little 4 year old.

We used a recipe from the magazine Living Without, which had a fabulous recipe for crust using a multi-blend flour mix. It absolutely made the best gluten free pie crust I have ever had, they also have a number of other blends suited to breads, cakes, cookies etc.

Pre-baking the bottom crust

Heaps of apples!!

The crust was lovely but a bit crumbly so I had to put it on in two parts.


Izzie and I couldn’t resist digging in right away!

Izzie’s Pie

My Pie

The Pie…after..

I am enclosing a link to the recipe as it is quite lengthy and there are lots of important details about the flour etc.


The crust was really out of this world, I used the gluten free pie crust but substituted shortening for the butter and hemp milk for the wash on top. I also sprinkled the crust with a bit of sugar after the wash went on 🙂

A couple tips, this pie crust is actually easier to roll if you do not refrigerate it, I noticed this because the bottom pie crust rolled out a lot easier than the top. The other substitution I made was that I did not use as much sugar in the crust and only about 2 tablespoons of honey in the filling to cut the calories down a bit. The saturated fat is also cut by using vegetable shortening.

It’s just a little crisp outside and I can almost smell the first wisps of fall..