If you are reading this post you are probably a little curious about my new project. Project C.U.E. (Combat Unhealthy Eating) is a selfish project of sorts. I mean, I am 32 years old and I still haven’t figured this out, the eating thing I mean. All my life I have struggled with my weight, and subsequently my moods, my energy, and my general sense of well-being.

Happy weight

I have tried every diet imaginable under the sun; raw, vegan, South Beach, fasting, Weight Watchers, calorie counting, Mediterranean, you name it and I have tried it…except the cabbage soup diet, I just can’t do that. Throughout my early life and into the first part of high school I was quite heavy, and at age 15 I was somewhere between 160 and 180 pounds. The summer before my junior year I lost about 50 pounds (by starving myself, restricting calories to between 600 and 800 calories) and continued losing, bottoming out at around 98 pounds halfway through my junior year.

Happy weight again, I am noticing I don’t allow pictures to be taken of me otherwise..

Since that junior year of high school my weight has fluctuated between 110 and 180 (I last weighed this much at the end of my pregnancy) but I usually hover between 130 and 145, in varying degrees of fitness. Now, I know that’s not obese, I know that isn’t overweight for my height (5’4″) but here is my issue; I am an unhealthy, emotional eater and I am sick of it.

Peanut butter and chocolate, my ultimate weakness

I know I am not alone either. I work with nurses and other healthcare workers, mostly female, and we all have the same laments. When we are sad we eat, when we are happy we eat, when anyone else eats; we EAT. Are we hungry? Nope. But clearly we are all unsatiated and unsatisfied with SOMETHING.

And we are great enablers, we women. Have that chocolate, you deserve it! You have had a rough day, you had a fight with your spouse, that doctor is being a jerk…every excuse in the book.

But we don’t deserve it, we don’t deserve to be unhealthy.

We deserve to be healthy and fit.

So here’s my proposal, let’s do this together.

Which is where my project comes in.

Project C.U.E’s pilot group will begin on this coming Monday the 23rd of August. This group is based on evidence based research that has proven the effectiveness of small group support for weight loss. I would like to have a core group of ten people to start so if you are interested please post or email me at greetree@hotmail.com. Here’s what we will do for six weeks.

  • Every morning I will post a video motivational post to get you started off on the right foot and give you some tips for the day. I will have guest posters as well.
  • The Project C.U.E. forum will go live, consisting of an online area to post supportive thoughts, ask for help, or just bounce ideas off each other.
  • Healthy recipe ideas and menus will be provided for each week with calorie and nutritional counts included.
  • Links and resources for fitness and health as well as nutritional research and tips for combating unhealthy eating habits will be posted and e-mailed daily.
  • Members may contribute in all of these aspects and may post and comment as much as they need to.
  • At the end of six weeks I will ask for survey feedback and we will hopefully continue on our journey together.

This group is about wellness, not weight loss, combating cravings and supporting each other. It is a place of no judgement and therefore members will develop and adhere to ground rules as the group commences.

So, care to join me?