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Hello friends!

You know, the disadvantage of missing anytime blogging is that I end up with so many thoughts and musings and random things to say that when I do post I run the risk of sounding so utterly discombobulated that you turn off your computer in disgust.

So I will try to be organized. I have three main objectives in this post;

1) To shamefully promote L.A. Burdicks in Walpole NH even though they have not provided me with any reason to do so other than being the most utterly awesome place ever..besides the kitchen store. That being said, my dear Burdicks, if you are reading don’t you think I deserve a free mocha?

Heaven in a cup, Burdicks dark chocolate mocha

2) To present you with some simple culinary offerings from the last two days, including this!

Summer Pan Roasted Veggies

And this!

Parfait yumminess

3) To introduce you to my forthcoming project, which I will post about in detail tomorrow. I call it Project C.U.E. Intrigued? I know! Aren’t I so mysterious and exciting!

Okay, let’s get going, shall we?

L.A. Burdicks flagship cafe is located in Walpole, NH which is a short drive from us and is just the most beautiful little town. In addition to the cafe with it’s drool-worthy menu they also have pastries and coffee beverages and a chocolate shop that is out of this world.

Now, I know what you’re saying, chocolate is chocolate, right? Oh no, this is THE BEST CHOCOLATE I HAVE EVER HAD. I am not kidding and I am a chocolate snob of mammoth proportions. In fact, as soon as I can scrape up some cashola I am doing a Burdicks giveaway, that’s it. In addition to their signature chocolate mice, penguins and bees  (which make amazing wedding favors) they make all types of velvety, luscious chocolates with flavors both subtle and sweet, spicy and tangy, and some that you can’t quite figure out. My favorite? Richelieu
A milk and dark chocolate interior with cherry liquor, cherries and cumin seeds.

The cafe is just adorable, and we spent a lazy Saturday afternoon browsing and getting coffee and going to check out our new digs, which we will be in shortly!

They also have fresh squeezed lemonade!

And then there’s the chocolate shop where you can buy any number of things, my favorites being the chocolate almonds, signature hot chocolate and nut flours. They also post which pastries and chocolates are gluten, wheat and dairy free and all their chocolates are gluten free!

The remainder of the day was spent in leisure, walking around town, blowing on flowers (?),  grocery shopping and eating some yummy snack parfaits.

Mmmm, banana soft serve, greek yogurt, oats, peanut butter, raw honey, flax, walnuts

Creamy banana soft serve

For dinner I was feeling the sugar and caffeine from that mocha so I wanted something clean and healthy.

I heated 1 tablespoon of olive oil and added mandoline sliced beets and basil, then covered it for a couple minutes.

Then I just basically layered thin sliced tomato, mandoline sliced zucchini, more basil…ummm…I think that’s it, and covered the pan for another couple minutes.

Salt and pepper, that too..

Then I topped it with a cheese blend from Trader Joe’s, asiago, romano and parm, then popped it under the broiler (sans lid) to brown.

The veggies were all from the farmer’s market so they were very fresh and the bright flavors were just what I wanted. I am not posting the recipe however, it needs some tweaking.

Lastly…but certainly not least…

I have been struggling lately with my stress level and emotional eating. I haven’t been as horrible as I usually am (bags of peanut butter cups?) but I don’t like the pattern. I have been talking with many women and we all share so many of the same struggles. What we need is support and advice, a place we can come when there are 20 loaves of cranberry bread in the break room and we can’t resist it.

So I am starting a project I call Project C.U.E.

It stands for Combat Unhealthy Eating, I envision it as an online support community of sorts, but eventually with teaching and guidance as well. I want it to be place we can support each other’s wellness as a community of women.

Goodness knows we are really good at enabling each other to eats loads of chocolate so lets put that influence to GOOD use.

What do you think?