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Just some of the knife wall at Your Kitchen Store.

I have major kitchen envy.

Currently we are in the process of moving but for the last five years I have been stuck with a miniature fridge I think came from the house of the Seven Dwarfs, a fickle $20 electric stove (bought at a surplus sale!), and various other older kitchen gadgets in various states of disrepair. It’s not that I don’t want new and wonderful kitchen things, but for a long time we have been stuck in the oh-we-are-moving-soon-don’t-buy-anything-else rut. Thank goodness we close in just 30 days, onto a new kitchen and finally some real kitchen tools!

We have a fabulous local kitchen store (not a chain) that recently relocated to downtown and expanded exponentially. They now have a lovely kitchen in back where they will be giving classes and rows upon rows of everything you could possibly want in your kitchen. Here are just a few fun examples;

Fancy cupcake papers!
Make s’mores anywhere!

Just a small part of the store!

A home soda maker!

Vitamix! I must have you!


We had a really great but really busy day. We spent the majority of last night in the ER after Jaime dove for a ball during her softball game, made an amazing catch, and broke her 4th metacarpal in a big way (that’s in your hand). I manage the Orthopaedic department so we were able to have the surgeon look at it..and yes indeed it needs pinning, so we have that fun adventure to look forward to…and we are moving in 30 days. I told her if she didn’t want to move boxes she could have told me, she didn’t need to break a bone!

Farmer’s market bounty this morning!

Above is some local homemade Bulgarian goat’s milk yogurt, I had a sample and it was delicious! We are going to try it with Izzie and see if she tolerates it, she has been missing her yogurt!

Speaking of which, I had a rigorous 5 mile run and finally ran my 5 k (with hills) in 29 minutes! First time I have been able to do that! I was very proud and celebrated with yogurt and some fabulous high protein German muesli with cranberries and other yummy stuff.

The farmer’s market today had a big tasting table and was hosted by the Monadnock Localvore Project. They had these great cards to hand out with your bill at local restaurants asking them to support local farmers and food, what a great idea!

The remainder of the day was spent packing and organizing, doing yard work and eating some lovely BLT’s and pesto pasta!

Wrapped up the day with some beet beer and I am off to bed! Goodnight!