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Happy Birthday to my wifey!!! Today was her birthday and I had a BIG surprise planned. It was this;

What is that, you ask? Why it’s a GIGANTIC zipline, courtesy of Berkshire East, where we did the terrifyingly awesome Valley Jump Tour. Did I mention I am scared of heights and get vertigo? But I am so glad I did it…it was truly amazing. Now for those of you looking for food, keep reading, we ate plenty after.

But first…

Jaime had no idea we were doing this. I arranged for her to have the day off from work and we dropped the kiddo off at camp, grabbed some coffee and arrived at the base camp around ten. Jaime was really surprised, and very excited!

We took the chairlift to the top (Berkshire East is a ski mountain in the winter) with our awesome guides Eli and Damian. We were fortunate enough that we were the only insane people doing this tour (they have two milder ones).

To say this zip was fun and exciting would be a complete understatement. The lines start out pretty fast and you are above treeline pretty much the whole time. The last two zips span the entire valley and you end up going roughly 60 miles an hour, then hovering like a bird over the whole Deerfield Valley.

It was incredible, exhilarating, and I totally want to do it again.

I am good at birthdays!

After all that adventure we needed some serious fuel. We tried to go to lunch at Hope and Olive, a fabulous little restaurant with local eats in Greenfield, MA.

But it was closed on Mondays!

So was this…so sad..

So we ended up at Mesa Verde, a fabulous little new wave Mexican place, they even had a Thai burrito bowl with peanut sauce! The decor was adorable, bright sunset orange and grass green with little asian touches here and there…

The chips were perfect, not too salty, very crisp, and the guacamole and salsa were spot on. The guacamole was creamy and mild with a hint of lime.

The salsa was also fresh and mild, a pico de gallo with fresh tomatoes and cilantro.

I got a burrito bowl with black beans and brown rice, just the sustenance I needed after hiking and zipping!

After lunch we decided to head to Northampton and cruise around a bit. Northampton is such a great little city, we hit Haymarket for coffee and The Hempest to drool over clothes. Then we hit up a brand new frozen yogurt joint called Goberry.

Here are some great things about GoBerry; it’s locally owned and operated, the milk is local and has no hormones or pesticides and all the toppings are fresh and seasonal. Plus it only has 25 calories an ounce (so about 150 calories in a small) and tons of calcium, probiotics and protein. I got the summer berry..the thing I liked about this frozen yogurt is it actually tasted like…yogurt, imagine that!

Jaime went to Herrells and got a giant coffee ice cream with their real chocolate sprinkles and whipped cream.

I tried not to visibly drool…

Our last stop of the day before picking up the kid was Trader Joe’s (we don’t have one near us) where we stocked up on some yummies. Then we picked up a very tired kiddo from a friends and trucked her home for a healthy nibble tray and an early bed.

Turkey, turkey jerky, screamin’ peas, green beans, carrots, hummus

How was your day?