I was just whining to Jaime about how I hadn’t taken enough pictures or cooked enough today to blog about…then she reminded me of how much we had done today and what a great day we had…so is it so bad if you forget your camera for one day and just enjoy your experience without cataloguing it? Plus..it gives me time to update the “about me” portion of my blog.

I did eat stuff today though. Like this…

What is wrong with me? I have never liked tomatoes…not ever! This summer I seem to be a tomato fanatic, I love the way they smell as they hit hot olive oil and sputter, I love them warm from the vine, popping like grapes, I love them chopped and stewing in lime juice and cilantro, cucumbers in place of hot peppers and Himalayan pink salt.

Then I squashed them..heehee..

Get it? Yellow squash? Squashed? I am so clever..with fresh mozzarella, homemade pesto, and a few egg whites. This was my lunch, after running a ton of fartleks (I love that word). I will admit I was a bit opposed to fartleks because I like CONTROL with my workouts, and fartleks are about FUN. Workouts aren’t supposed to be fun and unstructured! Right?

Wrong. And I burned more calories in 45 minutes then I do on a normal 7 mile run, and dare I say it, I had a blast. I did, however, run my bum off, but it’s easier to convince yourself you can book it up a huge hill running at an 8 mile an hour pace when you are only doing it for two minutes.

I am learning, I don’t have to suffer to get the results I want.

So this brings me to my next project. I had a discussion with the women I work with about why we all eat so dysfunctional. Most of us try so desperately to be “good”, to eat healthy and work out and walk at lunch and wear sunscreen..and yet we succumb again and again to the cycle of bingeing and then feeling like giant failures, it’s so sad, and it’s totally a female issue, at least mostly. I was talking to a staff member of mine, who is GORGEOUS, and she has the same issue.

So I making it my mission, find out why we do this and how we can fix it.

I don’t know how yet, but I will figure it out, darn it, stay tuned. I am sure it has something to do with the brain, that muddled hunk of grey matter that often skews reality and steers us down a path of destruction. We like to think the brain is rational but it is anything but, it is subject to the peaks and valleys of hormones and emotions..yeesh.

Well…enough of the deep thoughts for tonight, time for some wine.