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Izzie and I got up this morning and watched “Treasure Quest” (which is her favorite show ever) and I was struck with the sudden inspiration to make a healthy crepe, after Izzie requested waffles for the umpteenth time.

I made a healthy blueberry sauce

And a “crepe” made from 1 egg, some sweetener and spices, and flax seed.

I cooked the crepe over low heat in soy-free, dairy free butter.

I know you aren’t supposed to flip crepes but this was a bit thicker than a regular crepe.

The finished crepe with blueberry filling.

Extra blueberry sauce for good measure..

Yum!!! Fit for a princess! And for a healthy body!

Blueberry Crepe Filling

1/2 c fresh or frozen blueberries

1/2 tsp vanilla

1/4 tsp cinnamon

1 tsp chia seeds

1 Tbsp beet puree

1 tsp agave nectar

Combine all over medium heat until mixture bubbles and begins to thicken, remove and set aside.


1 egg

1 tsp agave nectar

1/4 tsp vanilla

1 Tbsp flax seed meal

Whisk until fluffy, then pour into prepared pan (as above) over medium heat until browned on both sides.

Nutrition Facts:

Calories 301

Total Fat 16.9 g

Saturated Fat 3.9 g

Trans Fat 0 g

Cholesterol 180 mg

Sodium 161 mg

Carbohydrate 30 g

Fiber 4.8 g

Sugars 23.2 g

Protein 9.3 g

Vitamin A 1%

Vitamin c 12%

Calcium 4%

Iron 5%