Last night Izzie and I went on a little mother/daughter date (Jaime had softball) to see Sankofa African Dance Theater. I picked her at camp and we had a quick little car dinner of Screamin’ Peas , cashews, and blue berries, then we got a quick treat ;

yGluten and dairy free! She hasn’t had a sweet ice cream treat in so long!

Then we hit the Bellows Falls Farmer’s Market, what a great place!! First of all, whoever had the brilliant idea to have a farmer’s market on a Friday night was a genius! We saw lots of people from Izzie’s school and there was this great feeling of community, people eating fresh Vietnamese food on the grass and drinking iced tea, the kids laughing and running around in circles as a train pulled into the old train station. It was so sweet and summery, with the sun hanging a bit low and the river sparkling over the bridge. I got a delicious blackberry/lemongrass/hibiscus cooler;

the same vendor also had these wonderful breads; fresh tomato and Parmesan and olive and rosemary

After our beverages we meandered up towards the Opera House for the performance;

Izzie loves the market!

The Downstreet Cafe, which we have frequented before, its fabulous!

Flowers above the spinning studio

We’re here! And so excited!

The performance was absolutely fantastic. The kids did two musical plays, the Butterfly and then one other one about a girl who gets trapped in a drum and becomes a singing drum…it was very inventive and the kids were so into it. After the plays the dance theater performed, they had amazing energy and included all the kids in their dancing. It was hard to get pictures because everyone was dancing so fast!

The Butterfly

The Sankofa drummers


Izzie’s pic of me

Off to the dump and the farmer’s market, have a great day! First some sustenance…

Greek yogurt, blueberries, flax and walnuts