Really, doesn’t this make YOU feel better?

Because it sure makes me feel better! For the next two weeks we are the lucky recipients of the grandparent’s CSA share while they vacation in California. This share is from an amazing farm called Fertile Fields, Jaime and I did a working share there last year but elected not to this year because (we thought) we would be moving.

I do have news on that later. Anyway, in the bag was this lovely bunch;


I love Basil. I might love it more than any other culinary offering, with its sweet, fresh, earthy, spicy aroma beckoning from the bag, saying; chop me! puree me! eat me whole! mix me in hot pasta! I am delicious all ways!

Basil is awesome. According to Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs there are many more reasons to eat Basil (which I am capitalizing because of it’s clearly Godlike properties).

  • Basil can make you wealthy if you put it in your wallet (and your money will smell good too!)
  • It makes you less gassy and protects you from “maggot infested nasal disease”. Thank goodness for that! I don’t want maggots in my nose!
  • It can be used as a love perfume.
  • It keeps away goats.

Who knew?! Now I have many more excuses to eat Basil, although I do like goats so that factoid is a bit depressing.

I fantasized about doing all sorts of things with this basil, I would like to make some sorbet or a cocktail with it, maybe Basil and mint together? Would that be good? Basil and grapefruit? Stay tuned..you never know.

Instead I made this;

No, not the kid silly…I did make her, but not out of Basil.


If I were stranded on a desert island I would want some pesto and a lot of bread and then I could just loll about on the beach and get nice and fat on the bread until I was able to float away on the sea like a little boat back to home where I could get some more pesto and bread and then go back to said deserted island.

Izzie’s plate: Quinoa pasta with fresh pesto, sunflower sprouts and green beans


Bunch o’ Basil (the bigger the better but at least 2 cups)

1/4 c pecans (toasted)

1/4 c walnuts (toasted)

1/2-1 c olive oil (depending on your preference)

1-2 cloves garlic (again, your preference)

pinch of salt

Throw it in a blender and whiz!!!

I make my pesto without Parmesan because of Izzie but if I were you I would add some, about 1/4 to 1/2 cup and make sure it is freshly grated, good quality Parm, it makes a huge difference. The thing I love about pesto is you can totally mix it up. I add baby spinach, garlic scapes in the spring, sometimes kale, sometimes tomatoes or roasted red peppers, sometimes toasted pine nuts or toasted almonds…the variations are endless and it’s wonderful to make pesto seasonal based on what is available. Sometimes I don’t even use Basil (horrors!).

Needless to say all these veggies and making pesto cheered me up immensely, plus, WE GOT AN OFFER ON OUR HOUSE!

Hooray! And we took it, closing date is September 15th, who wants to help us move! We will buy you beer! Or make you cookies!

So, after a down few days things are looking up!