Were you wondering what happened to me? Were you thinking; what happened to that seemingly self obsessed blogging friend? Doesn’t she want to talk about her self some more? Yes, of course I do! Sunday night my paper kept me up late, late, late and last night I had a sudden tummy bug come on that was not much fun at all.

I went to bed at 7:30pm.

I am normally an insomniac and sleep around 5 hours a night so that is quite unusual for me. And I am not going to lie, I have had a rough couple of days with stress and haywire eating. I don’t deal well when my body feels off, I have to learn some way to cope with that without it completely freaking me out. I mean, I am so strict with myself that when I deviate from my plan I do one of two things;

a) binge eat like a crazed squirrel (no really, I do, it’s all or nothing)

b) beat myself up

Usually I do both. This is my stuck point, the point I can’t get over, the boulder I am rolling up that relentless mountain only to have it run me over as I near the top. What do I do? How do I fix this? And why do so many of us do this to ourselves? Why can’t we eat like normal people? Are there normal people? What do they eat?

There were some high points over the last few days, I made Izzie a delicious vegan and wheat/gluten-free pizza;

Step 1: Roasted cherry tomatoes, garlic, and carrots in a 350 oven for 30 minutes

Then whizzed it in the food processor with about a cup of baby spinach

Cornmeal and Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free Pizza Crust!

Dough, Roasted Veggie Sauce, defrosted Quorn Chik’n thingie’s and Veggie Shreds

I used the pizza stone because…well…I was making pizza and the truth is that it comes out a whole lot better on a preheated stone. Oven was on 425 but I actually had to take the stone out of the oven to put the dough on, gluten-free dough is really sticky and kind of like play dough, use wet hands to shape it or you will end up looking like you have some scary skin disease or webbed hands.

Izzie made us “fancy lemon water”

Izzie’s plate; pizza, baby spinach salad and green beans from my dad’s garden!

Fresh cucumber lemon salad on the side

All of this fueled me quite well and enabled me to write a very long paper on the short-term investment options for a hospital facing short-term budget shortfalls. I was exhausted by the end of the night but thrilled to discover this in the fridge (made by my lovely wife) for lunch the next day.

Tuesday started out lovely with some yoga;

Look at me, I am Sweaty McSweaterson, I make my own hot yoga!

Then I made a Green Monster smoothie using guidance from Oh She Glows;

Green Monster

1 apple

1 c baby spinach

1 cucumber, peeled and chopped

1 T chia seeds

1/2 c almond milk

Everyone at work commented on how good it smelled, as they simultaneously teased me for my “hippie diet” My response was to remind them I will be running marathons at 99 while they are incontinent and senile. I have great staff, they are a lot of fun.

After work I went to the gym and ran 5 miles on the treadmill with a 10 min mile average! I know that isn’t THAT impressive but it is certainly good for me! And I did thirty minutes on the elliptical. I came home and was RAVENOUS so I made this;

All sorts of goodness; raisins and walnuts and carrots and cukes, olive oil and greens…

Too bad I promptly threw it up and staggered into bed at 7:30. My sweet girls took good care of me, Izzie rubbed my feet with lotion and covered me with a blanket and read me books, Jaime took care of EVERYTHING.

Needless to say, today was a wash and I HAD to go to work (those are the perks of being a manager!). I was a zombie all day and ate only crackers and some peanut butter…and a chocolate bar..why I thought THAT was a good idea I don’t know. See? Why do I do that to myself?

I will do more experiential existential exploration later. For now I must walk the dogs.