This post was supposed to contain more pics from our CRAZY busy day. Alas, I left my camera at the house where Iz went to a b-day party so for now I cannot provide photo documentation of the gaggle of screaming four-year olds in the pool nor can I show you the DELICIOUS bug-themed b-day cake that sent me into a sugar coma of epic proportions.

That’s right, I ate cake.

Oh well, you see, it isn’t really the cake that gets me, it’s the frosting. Oh velvety, sugary, whipped goodness…I could eat you by the spoonful no matter what unnatural colors you come in (in this case black, flourescent green, and blue).  I might have reined myself in had I not been in the company of such wonderful friends, tolerant of my shortcomings and too busy consuming said sugar fest to even care what I was doing.

Of course I felt like poo after.

But…rather than beat myself up…….I beat myself up. I went and bought new running shoes (thanks to the $75 gift certificate i got from my work just for having my “wellness profile” checked).

They are Nike something or others, and they are AWESOME. They carried me 6 miles today and i felt great afterwards. I thought the cake made me sluggish but my time was pretty good so I guess I did ok. The new sneaks were great because they don’t pinch my toe box (that sounds dirty) the way my Brooks Ravenna’s do on longer runs (though I still love them and think they are great shoes). Kudos to Ted’s for helping me find them!

Before I went on my run I whipped up a lovely Beet Slaw to have later for dinner;


Beet Slaw

3 large or 6-7 smallish beets

1 medium cucumber

2 T coconut oil

1/4 c fresh squeezed pink grapefruit juice

juice of 1/2 lime

1 tsp raw honey

pinch Himalayan pink salt

Shred beets and cucumber using a julienne madoline slicer (or something similar, should be matchstick, not pulp)

Combine the other ingredients and whisk into a vinaigrette

Mix it all together and let it sit in the fridge for about an hour so flavors combine.

Yum!!!! So good over greens with some walnuts;

After dinner we were fortunate enough to be visited by the reincarnation of Olivia Newton John/Jane Fonda.

Those beets will make you out!