Dinner tonight was simple and lovely, the wife and child ate theirs too fast so I didn’t get a picture but Izzie had an egg white omelet (she doesn’t like yolks) with rice mozzarella and spinach, Jaime had a grilled ham and cheese with spinach and spiced “fried” yellow squash (I had a few bites, a bit of curry in them, they were exquisite). I had this;

Mixed Baby Greens with Ham, Hemp Seed, Raw Beets, Summer Squash and a Lime Vinaigrette

Then we walked downtown with the dogs.

and got some sorbetto..

Blueberry Lemon and a smudge of Organic Dark Chocolate for Izzie

Blueberry Lemon for Jaime

I had a bite of each. The blueberry lemon had great flavor but the texture was more like an Italian Ice. The dark chocolate was amazing, velvety and not too sweet, the next time I am due for a treat that will be it!

I try not to obsess TOO much about counting my calories, there’s too much history in that. However, I have thyroid disease and my metabolism moves at a slow crawl at best and so I do need to do some watching. I have found it’s extremely helpful for me to focus on my nutrition and ensuring I have a good ratio of protein to complex carbohydrate.

Today however, I entered my calories on my trusty myfooddiary.com and discovered that the red wine thrust me over the top. Now, I know it isn’t a big deal, but if I have the time and the energy I would rather just negate those extra calories rather than have them hanging over me. So I did 20 minutes of weight training (which I needed anyway) and was done.

We have a busy, busy, busy day tomorrow but I am hoping to get to the farmer’s market for some stuff..stay tuned! Have a great night!