This morning was a bit hectic as Iz has a bday part at 11 and we were supposed to have a house showing this afternoon. Jaime got up to walk the dogs while Iz and I did early morning yardwork. She was a great helper, she even picked up a dead mouse for me (with a shovel, not her hands, don’t worry). Then…just as I was wrapping up the mowing, the realtor called to say they cancelled and were coming mid-week…argh! Oh well, at least the yard looks good;

Then I was hungry so I had two cups of Yirgacheffe with skim milk and made this;


Flatout light italian wrap

1 oz ham

1 c baby spinach

1 c fresh organic cherry tomatoes

1/4 c egg whites

1 cup grapes

That whole meal (with two cups of coffee)

295 calories

26.7 g protein

50 g carbs (no sugars)

14.2 g fiber

4.2 g fat (no trans or sat fat)

Gotta run!