Today after work I came home and it was so lovely and warm and breezy I really wanted to go for a run rather than hit the gym. However, matters were complicated a bit by the fact that Izzie had a large existential meltdown this morning at the mere thought of going to camp and I had to peel her off of me and leave her crying in the arms of her very loving, squishy favorite teacher who I knew would comfort her.

Still it was awful.

Back to the run. I circled around Izzie warily… her eyes followed me, as if she knew what I was planning…this was going to end badly.

So instead I made a suggestion that is now burned into my body in the form of ragingly sore quads, I suggested we drag out the jogging stroller and she could come with me while Jaime made dinner.

She is a lot heavier than she used to be.

As I puffed and wheezed up the sheer face of a steep hill, I stopped to walk, for ten seconds. This was met with the shrill bark of a pint-sized drill sergeant; “Mommy! Don’t stop running! Move your legs!”

And move I did, dripping with sweat, pushing that god-awful stroller that I swear was full of cement. Every time I slowed Izzie would yell “Go faster!” as she lolled contentedly in the stroller sipping water and reading princess books, scolding me every time I went over a bump. About midway through the run she decided she was a cheerleader and the remainder of my run echoed with cheers of “Go, Mommy, go! You can do it!”.

That actually helped quite a bit.

I came home to a delicious spread that my GENIUS wife cooked up.

What is this, you ask? It doesn’t look THAT great. Oh, but it is, it’s ham with an amazing sauce and green peas, but what is truly amazing is what is in the sauce, which was sweet and tangy and delicious and full of flavor.

Ham with Sweet Maple Sauce:

1 TBSP dairy free, soy free, gluten free butter-ish stuff

1 clove garlic

Smash garlic, saute in butter over medium heat.


1 c baby spinach

1 small beet, peeled and chopped

1/4 c almond milk

2 TBSP maple syrup

Simmer until beet is soft. Put mixture in blender and puree. Spoon over ham or savory/salty meat.

She is a genius, truly, this did not taste remotely like anything that had vegetables in it. In fact, I guessed it had blueberries…I was wrong.

I had this delicious salad made by same lovely wife.


Jaime then went off to play softball (a triple and a home run thank-you-very-much) and Izzie and I had a spinach snack in the bath followed by…

A dried mango nose…

and a dried mango beard.

I made her have the spinach snack first because she didn’t eat enough peas. Bribery? Possibly, but she ate an entire bowl of baby spinach so whatever works.

Iz went to bed and I finished two hours of homework which consisted of calculating the accounts receivable turnover and the cash conversion cycle of a fictional hospital. After that I deserved this;

An organic Green Truck Petit Syrah….ahhhhh..must resist the urge for a second glass…

Tomorrow…TGIF and family date night!