Dinner in our house is somewhat of a hectic affair. My wife and I both work full time and she picks up the little one after she gets out of work around 5. I try desperately to tear myself away from work at 5 and head home to feed and walk and water the three CRAZY dogs and start dinner. We try really hard to have a healthy homemade dinner every night, and we always eat as a family. Tonight we made greens and beans;

Lovely greens….

The greens with black beans and garbanzo beans…

We had this with some fresh corn, which I had a picture of but somehow it disappeared…hmmmm. Many of my friends ask me how we get our child to eat this stuff…well, it’s what we put in front of her, so she eats it or she doesn’t eat. We recently devised a tactic where we feed her in “courses”. She thinks this is all very fancy and she is a big princess  but really we are being very sneaky. We feed her salad or veggie course first followed by her protein, then lastly the carbs (which are always whole grain anyway) because she is a big Italian pasta and carb lover and would eat nothing but pasta and bread if we let her. She has had issues with belly pain on and off for awhile but lately it has amped up, the poor kid was all bloated and wouldn’t eat and had horrible diarrhea. We are seeing a pedi gastroenterologist in August but in the meantime she is on a wheat free, gluten free, dairy free diet to try to get her intestinal villi to heal.

It’s challenging.

She is actually really good about and only gets upset sometimes, she does feel a lot better so that helps and we get her special gluten free treats but it’s really difficult during the day when she’s at camp. While the camp is very supportive, there are a lot of kids and sometimes they find her sneaking handfuls of chips or yogurt dip and then the consequences reveal themselves a few hours later.

So, there’s that, which limits what we eat and prepare for now, as we want our family meals to be all the same. So any pointers out there? Recipes?

After dinner I went to the gym and worked off all that stinkin’ chocolate, or at least part of it. Now I am currently ensconced in some riveting reading on the short term cash budgets of health care organizations (I actually do like this stuff, I am kind of a nerd) and am debating if I will want overnight oats for breakfast….hmmmmm.

Here I am pre-gym;

Post gym was just terrifying, I won’t subject you to that.

Nighty night…see you in the morning!