So of course on my first official day of blogging I fall off the healthy eating wagon and succumb to what I fondly call “sugar crack”. You see, I cannot simply be content with eating one small nibble of chocolate, nope…once the sugar hits my lips it’s all downhill and I can’t stop until I am comatose and bloated, lying moaning on the floor with a ring of chocolate around my mouth.

Sugar is the devil for me.

That being said I am not going to beat myself up though I will run five miles on the treadmill tonight. At presnt I am off to make dinner, a mixed bean dish with some garlic greens and fresh corn…yum, I will post photos later. Also to come, a discussion of my poor daughter’s tummy troubles and how we are coping with her wheat free/gluten free/dairy free lifestyle.

For now; here’s my girl.